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Every landscape has a story to tell. Its own ecology, microclimates, and history all combine to create the environment it presents today and a vision of what is possible.  The design challenge at May Creek is to honor the history of the site while expanding the possibilities for an ecological, sustainable, and smart landscape design that adds to the value.

Great landscape design begins with an exploration of your vision of the outdoor spaces that enable the lifestyle you desire. Our task is to balance our region's expansive tapestry of textures, colors, and aromas to bring your vision to life with spaces and outdoor settings.

Our initial designs serve as a canvas for collaboration, innovation, and exploration of what is possible for the site, aligned to the budget and respectful of the vision. At their core, our designs focus on natural beauty, smart functions, and sustainability.

Elements of Consideration in Landscape Design Things to know
  • Matching Design to our Clients Style

  • Visioned Uses for the Space

  • Recreational Amenities

  • Cooking and Dining Spaces

  • Climate and Microclimates

  • Native Plant Habitat Botany

  • Native Wildlife

  • Topography and Orientation

  • Surrounding Spaces

  • Site Drainage and Ground Water Recharge

  • Safety and Security

  • Municipal Guidelines




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