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Inspirations for patio design comes from the setting and architecture of the home and continues with the detail of the room it will be attached to.  Great patio design will have features and flow that create a seamless transition from indoor to outdoor spaces.  

Captivating patio design is much more than the sum of materials. When visioned and implemented well, patios become a multi use space added to the home.  Materials, elevations, drainage, movement of the sun across the patio, and the eventual placement of furniture, are all considerations of design.

Multi use patios can include food preparation and service areas, beverage centers along with dining space, seating areas, fire and water features.  Our initial patio designs serve as a canvas for collaboration, innovation, and exploration of what is possible for the site, aligned to the budget and always respectful of the vision.

  • Fire Pit and Spa
  • Modern Grounded
  • Cityscape
  • Interior Comforts
  • Stylish Escape
  • Natural Beauty
  • Serene Scene
  • View Focused
  • Urban Oasis
  • All Purpose Retreat




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