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Before we suggest plants that will do well in your landscape, we want to understand how the plants will serve your vision and lifestyle.  A review of the site may include suggested plantings that highlight or mask features of the home, accentuate or obscure sitelines or views.  

Plants serve an architectural function defining floors, walls, and ceilings in outdoor rooms.  Floors create living carpets and suggest movement through and around outdoor rooms.  Colors and textures are formed with turf, ground covers, and creeping perennials. 

Walls establish moods and set boundaries.  They define outdoor rooms with an open, enclosed, or filtered feeling to the space. Screens created with clusters of trees, or masses of shrubs are a consideration.

Ceilings formed of tree canopies with varying heights and densities can create open or intimate feeling spaces. Directing or filtering light can accent the overall design and purpose of the room.

Within the outdoor living spaces, there may be artisan, stone, water, and fire features. Our recommendations for plantings will always enhance and coexist with these features staying true to the clients and our designer’s vision.

Site conditions influence our recommendations for plant selection Things to know
  • Light availability, intensity and duration 
  • Irrigation quantity and quality
  • Exposure to wind and temperature extremes
  • Soil, drainage, and compaction
  • Competition from existing vegetation
  • Below ground conditions 
  • Above ground architecture, obstructions, and views
The design aesthetic and your vision impacts our recommendations Things to know
  • Emphasize features or downplay unwanted views
  • Outdoor rooms for cooking
  • Fire features, water features, recreation, meditation
  • Growth habit and shape of plants
  • Seasons of color and blooms
  • Foliage color, texture, and shape
  • Winter interests of bark, fruit, and structure
  • Benefits to wildlife




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